Challenges Using Biodiesel Fuel

  • Posted by robert hans
  • April 5, 2017 9:57:01 PM PDT

Cold temperatures can be a problem for high-percentage blends of biodiesel. B100 made from soybean oil will cloud at temperatures slightly above freezing and can clog fuel filters if the temperature drops below 28˚F. Biodiesel blends with diesel fuel are preferred in such conditions.

Because biodiesel is a strong solvent, it will probably loosen debris in pipes and tanks, clogging filters initially. Remedy this problem by changing filters soon after first use. Sometimes rubber hoses and gaskets on older vehicles don’t hold up well with B100. Pre-1991 vehicles should be monitored for hose degradation or seal weepage. If these occur, the hoses and seals should be replaced with viton-based parts.




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