Interconnection Issues Could Block Future Energy Storage Progress in US, Report Says

According to the report, Charging Ahead: An Energy Storage Guide for Policy Makers, the ability to interconnect energy storage systems to the grid in a fair and efficient manner is fundamental to allowing energy storage to provide grid services, and storage developers consistently identify it as a key barrier to storage growth. States, the report said, can consider moving ahead quickly with clarifying or modifying the foundational policies of interconnection.

The report recommends that states identify whether they have adopted statewide interconnection standards, and, if so, determine if those standards expressly apply to energy storage.

“State interconnection procedures that were drafted with only traditional generators in mind may contain language making them technically applicable only to ‘generators,’” the report said, noting that a state can revise or clarify the existing definition of eligible generator in the state interconnection standards to ensure that it explicitly includes storage.


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