Truth about Medical Schools

  • Posted by Brandie Mason
  • June 8, 2017 4:45:59 AM PDT

Today selective dependence on state administered testing to quantify instructive accomplishment now extends the distance to restorative school. Many may not understand that the availability of trying specialists to enter the universe of clinical medication is presently construct overwhelmingly with respect to a solitary, institutionalized, shut book, various decision test.

Several things to think about.

First, the entire process for getting into medical school is warped. Just because you have the highest grades in chemistry and biology, it does not mean that you will have the right sort of analytical mind to make an appropriate diagnosis, or keep patients calm and on the road to recovery - or a range of things. They need to completely revise the medical school boards and encourage students to take a broader range of courses and to do that tehy need to write my essay online. All students applying to medical school should have to serve one or two years as an EMT or "scribe" in a hospital environment - no one should be accepted out of undergraduate school without showing a special talent for the medical environment.  
Second, medical school is so grossly overpriced and places such an extreme financial burden on students, that many of our best and brightest do other things with their lives. Why not take your education and avoid the rigors of medical school for a career in Silicon Valley.  
Third, despite needing more doctors, we have not increased the number of residency slots and we are about to hit a crisis point with medical students graduating in the next few years - too many graduates and not enough residencies. And that's absurd. We need to do more to get students into fields and places where they are needed.

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