Do PI parts have a UL, CSA or other safety agency file number?

  • Posted by james rivard
  • August 21, 2017 12:37:20 AM PDT
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Like most components on the primary, high voltage, side of a power supply UL certification is not required for a component that does not bridge the isolation barrier from primary to secondary. Examples include power MOSFETs, rectifier diodes and input electrolytic capacitors. However when parts are used that do not have certification and do not meet the operational spacing specified in UL60950 (or similar international variants) the power supply with be tested for single point faults.
Here single adjacent pins or PCB traces that do not have a sufficient creepage or clearance distance will be short circuited. The power supply under this single fault must not fail in a way that damages the isolation barrier or causes fire (emission of incandescent material). Short circuiting adjacent pins on PI parts generally either causes no damage or causes the input fuse to open - considered a safe failure. In addition the plastic compound used to mold PI parts is UL 94V0 rated meeting the safety flammability requirement.

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