Andrews Cty. TX and Lincoln Cty, OK--mineral rights basics.

  • Posted by james rivard
  • August 22, 2017 10:46:33 PM PDT
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For years our mother has received modest (avg. $ 750/yr) royalties from interests in Andrews County primarily from J. Cleo Thompson of Dallas. The names West Means and Mollie Groom come up in my research. Also : Tract 5 which consists of the south half of the northeast quarter, and the northeast quarter of the northeast of Section 7, Block A35, Pubic School Land Survey, Andrews, Texas.
As the equal co beneficiaries of our mother's estate, my brother and I are gathering any information we can to furnish an estate lawyer soon. It is likely that legal fees pursuing the transfer will far exceed the revenue from this interest.
To that end I am spending time now trying to gather as much information (from Andrews Cty. Appraisal District, County Clerk, tax rolls). If anyone who has been through a similar experience has a suggestion (short of giving legal advice, of course) please pass it on.
Additionally, in 1999 I signed a 3 year lease on another interest in Lincoln, Cty. Oklahoma. There has been no activity in 18 years.

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