Famous Gambling Musicians

  • Posted by Kira Ashton
  • October 26, 2017 12:56:25 AM PDT

and saturated life without gambling. In this case, the most popular gambling entertainment has recently been considered poker. People, who are famous in wide circles, like to play this game, and mainly the most widespread version of it called Texas poker.

Games’ Preferences

And it's not surprising, as where, if not in a casino, you can get a positive charge of adrenaline and a sea of positive mood? Just check mecca bingo online review to ensure that such a variety of online entertainments will not leave anyone indifferent.

As to the casino games, such entertainments as roulette, slot machines and blackjack are among the most popular free time activities among the "music stars". And, of course, as it is poker that most attracts famous people. This game really makes people think and the gameplay itself really captures and attracts. More and more celebrities begin to play poker. This game has become a sort of a connecting link between people, as well as just a good and useful occupation, uniting any and all - regardless of nationality, age and other. In addition, it is in poker, as in any casino gambling, huge amounts of money are circulating. And a variety of free spins allow to win tournaments with large cash prizes without having your own money.

Gambling Celebrities

Who of the celebrities were caught gambling and playing poker (and Texas Poker) in particular?

Frank Sinatra was one of the outstanding singers that the world community has ever known, and he never concealed his love for gambling. Sinatra often gave concerts in Las Vegas, and after his performances, he spent a lot of time in local casinos along with his friends and other celebrities.


King of Pop, Michael Jackson, loved to play, but more on the stage than at the table. However, the man of the millennium was regally noted in the world of gambling. He decided to open a mega-casino in Las Vegas based on his multi-platinum Thriller. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the day of the opening, but the casino was launched. Several slot machines are devoted to the legend of pop music, and for VIP-fans, a roulette ball, made from a strand of hair of the king, was released.


Rock musicians and gambling are two interlinked things that cannot be separated. Bono, the frontman of Irish rock band U2, often plays blackjack and roulette.


But John Bon Jovi, the founder and inspirer of the group with his name, prefers poker.


Gladys Knight, a popular singer, loved to spend evenings playing Baccarat. One evening, she spent $ 40,000 and from that day, she vowed that she would never play gambling again.