Travelling to Portugal? Great Tips to Travel Safely

Portugal, with its rich history and gorgeous shore, is a popular and beautiful place to see. By most accounts, it is also among the safest travel

Portugal, with its rich history and gorgeous shore, is a popular and beautiful place to see. By most accounts, it is also among the safest travel destinations on the planet. There are, however, some tips and hidden dangers which people must be aware of in order to guarantee a safe and pleasurable trip with no incident.

Go Easy

First and foremost, do not get intoxicated. This could be easier said than done, particularly given the fact that Portugal produces a number of the world's finest wines. While it's definitely ok to enjoy some of the local spirits, it's also important to not forget that drinking a lot that you become intoxicated can make you a prime target for thieves.

In the end, it is a lot easier to slip from somebody who is not completely conscious and aware of the environment. Enjoy a couple drinks, but just know when to say when.

Drink Spiking

Hand in hand with all the intoxication warning is that the threat of drink spiking. Portugal provides a fabulous night-life full of excitement, dancing, dancing and, of course, drinking.

While not incredibly common, there were reports of people being granted the drug GHB (commonly referred to as the date rape drug). This medication is very dangerous and can lead to dizziness, vomiting, unconsciousness, coma and even death.

Obviously no good could come from this, so take precautions when you are out at a bar or pub. Always watch your drinks being pumped, keep them in your sight in any way times and do not take a drink from a stranger.

Seedy Side of Town

Another important tip is to stay away from the less desirable or "seedy" areas.

Martin Moniz, Intendente, Casal ventoso, Cais do Sodre, Alfama, Bairro Alto can all be insecure places, especially at night when prostitution and drug deals are far more common.

Again, not much good could come from being in a demanding area which you are unfamiliar with so try to stick to the more populated regions and avoid traveling independently.

Although violent crime is relatively rare in Portugal, youth gangs have been known to congregate near the shores between Cascais and Lisbon in which they sometimes accost beach goers.

Your best protection is to be aware of your environment at all times and if you see a group which is apparently up to no good, don't go close to them.

Drugs are really very common in Portugal with tourists often being approached with the offer to market. Many travellers report having been solicited to purchase harmless things like sunglasses, just to immediately learn that the product being sold is actually medication. That is something to keep an eye out for because the police are very present and careful for these types of drug prices.

Many times the authorities are even responsible for setting up these trades as sting operations, which can lead to an unsuspecting tourist being arrested and jailed. If approached, ardently refuse and keep walking.

Make It Memorable

Portugal is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitors here possess the unique chance to experience anything from romance to visit rich culture and relaxation, all in a single breathtaking place. The strategies and tips provided here will help ensure that your expertise in Portugal is secure, memorable and exciting.