5 Top Tourist Attractions In Japan

  • Posted by Ashley Crawford
  • December 1, 2017 11:23:46 PM PST
A vacation to Japan would be quite pleasant. Exotic Japanese culture brings many visitors to Japan from all around the world.

A vacation to Japan would be quite pleasant. Exotic Japanese culture brings many visitors to Japan from all around the world. About main tourist attractions in Japan, the land where technology and ancient traditions blend beautifully, Japan has lots of fascinating tourist attractions. Japan is undoubtedly 1 country with an unrivaled delightful and enchanting charm.

Here are top tourist attractions in Japan:

1. Ueno Park

Japan is renowned for its beautiful Sakura blossoms. If you would like to delight in the beauty of this flower, come to Ueno Park. Ueno Park is the most famous and has become the place of Japan's most popular tourist to perform hanami, picnic while enjoying the blossoming of this Sakura.

2. Tokyo Disney Resort

This amusement park situated in Chiba prefecture and has obtained a license from The Walt Disney Company. Waltham-hotels.com

3. Universal Studios Japan

For those of you who enjoy the world picture, do not overlook this one Japanese tourist attractions. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka presents an assortment of entertainment, which range from the attractions of the Hollywood movie business, cinema (2D, 3D and even 4D), or you may just walk in places that look a good deal like a film film places.

4. Biei

Biei is a small city in Hokkaido. This little city is famous for its natural beauty, hill flowers

5. Fuji Mountain

The mountain Itself will appear more attractive from Afar than from close up, however, the views on clear days and the experience of scaling through the early morning hours Among Hundreds of both minded hikers from throughout the globe, are extremely rewarding.

There are numerous options of time if you would like to see Japan, depending on the role of visiting Japan. If you only have once chance to visit Japan, came at the start of April, if Sakura blooms.

This following are several choices of time If You Would like to visit Japan:

Spring (Mar-May) - around the beginning of April, when the Sakura blossom, or who in Japan is named Hanami (hana = flower; mi (ru) = to visit) In this time it's possible to find a picnic under Sakura tree, which popular in Ueno Park, Tokyo.
Summer (June-Aug) dont overlook Hokkaido. Summer in Hokkaido is great for individuals that love the outdoors action. Additionally in July - May annually, within this period you could find the tourist attractions such as climbing on fuji mountain, because it's opened to the public when summer. Or you could see Hanabi (fireworks) tourist attraction in all areas in Japan.
Currently in Japan the weather is very good, not so hot and not cold. Momiji or that leaves change colour, usually red. Saadsite.com

Winter (Dec-Feb) winter in Japan is very suitable for you who want to feel that the Christmas atmosphere. In addition, each beginning of Feb there Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo.

The tourist Information is usually situated near the primary channel, it is important to pick up brochures about tourist attractions in town.