How to Make Your Wedding Day Green

  • Posted by Taylor Watson
  • December 10, 2017 9:52:40 PM PST
A marriage is one of the most significant days in a couple's life. If you care about the planet, why not integrate your principles in your big day? With the average price of a US wedding running in

A marriage is one of the most significant days in a couple's life. If you care about the planet, why not integrate your principles in your big day? With the average price of a US wedding running in approximately $20,000 it appears evident that weddings have a massive footprint, both environmental and economic. Going green does not mean that you have to compromise on your big day, though. By having a look at the bigger picture, you can move beyond the customary decadence and ingestion to make a truly private, moving, and more sustainable celebration which individuals will remember for years. You may even start a few eyes in the process

Top Green Wedding Tips

1. Watch the amounts
Regardless of what other choices you make, the biggest factor in the environmental and financial impact of your wedding will be its dimensions. The cold hard truth is that every person you invite means more miles traveled, more meals consumed, a larger venue, and more waste when it's around. Since this is your big day, invitation as many loved ones as you need, but keep an eye on the numbers and be aware that the longer the guest list grows, the harder it would be to draw on the line: "Well, if we've encouraged cousin Jenni then we actually should invite cop Sami..."

2. Source locally
Virtually anything could be found locally, but a few things are more important than others. Food and drinks are a terrific place to start. If there's a good micro-brewery in the future, why use up the planet's precious resources trucking at a keg of your favorite organic ale? And while you are at it, take a look at our guide to the 100 mile liquid diet. Flowers can also be worth sourcing everywhere - community gardens such as SEEDS in Durham, NC (which this TreeHugger picked for his upcoming wedding) are a good place to start.

3. Source green
Everything you buy or lease for your wedding will have an ecological and societal impact, so keep this idea high on the list when planning. Would you encourage caterers to use organic produce? What is your dress made of? How was the gold in the rings mined? Did those yummy little gift bags of chocolate require slave labour or unfair prices for farmers? Even if you can not set the green credentials of each and every supplier, at least by asking questions concerning such issues you are already making a huge difference. Kugla Design Remember though, what's green may not always be obvious--although a hemp suit could possibly be a good eco-statement, if it is going to sit in the closet for the majority of your married life, you may be a lot better off with a classic rental support. Similarly, party rentals for items like linens and glasses are a classic example of a product service system--something we are extremely keen on here at TreeHugger. They supply the ideal means for receiving the maximum use from minimal resources. And do not overlook your local thrift shop--ball jars make excellent vases along with a pre-loved wedding dress can get you a classic look at a fraction of the purchase price.

4. Pick your venue
Deciding on a place that's as near as many of your guests as possible will reduce your wedding's effect in a huge way. But once you've completed that, you might also want to think about what type of venue you will use. If you are not connected to a particular church, synagogue, mosque, or rammed-earth eco-dome, why not look at supporting the neighborhood community garden, farmer, LEED certified building, or other worthwhile job? Not only can your marriage act as a helpful source of revenue for the chosen local hosts, but it may also increase awareness of the work and send a strongly private message about the problems that you and your spouse care about.

5. Green your transportation
Therefore, you've picked the place, now how will you and your guests arrive? Try to provide as much info on transportation options as possible. Let them know that you would really appreciate it if they arrived by bus, train, bicycle, or at least by carpool. You could even include a link to journey guides like Seat61 in the invitations. If you're a little ways out of town, why don't you provide shuttle buses--which way you do not need to think about drunk driving either. It might also be a great time to teach your visitors about other fuels: "what exactly do you believe this bus is running on used veggie oil?" And while your own transportation is likely to be a little portion of the general footprint, it certainly sends a big message. Photographs of the happy couple arriving to a Christiania Bike or G-Wiz electric car will conserve the eco-propaganda value of your own wedding for some time to come.

6. Make it personal
While you've definitely got to throw a good party, it doesn't need to feel like ancient Rome (or even the Playboy mansion). What you lack of substance decadence, you can make up for in personal touches. Why not ask friends to grow and bring flowers? You are going to end up with the very fabulous flower (un)arrangements ever seen, and your visitors will love being involved. Or why not make a scrap book to that friends and family members can add poems, poems, pictures, or anecdotes. These are what many folks remember most fondly--maybe not the chocolate fountain or the cut-glass chandeliers.

7. The Ideal eco-invites
Luckily, there is an increasing amount of suppliers of recycled, handmade, or tree-free invitations on the market. Some may provide a self-assembly choice, which conserves cash but can take considerable work, others are going to place the whole thing together for you. If you're happy breaking from tradition, then electronic invites like Evites are really worth considering, too.

8. Presents of conscience
So why don't you request that solar cooker you've always wanted? Don't forget, though, less is almost always more in regards to being green--therefore think carefully about just how many bamboo flooring you really want or desire. When you have everything you need, why don't you produce an online donation registry to a worthy cause rather?

9. Offsetting the remainder
To be truly green, make every effort to cut emissions, waste, and other negative effects of your wedding in the source. However, the thing is still very likely to create a substantial effects. Offsetting is a means of taking responsibility for that impact and channeling funds into a positive projects--so long as you select your counter provider attentively. Native Energy even offers an internet wedding offset calculator. If you can't manage offsets for the whole wedding, then why not cancel a percentage and ask visitors to add to the remainder? You can at least include advice on counter tops providers on the invites so guests may select whether to offset their journey. Be aware however, that some see offsetting as fundamentally flawed, no matter which supplier you choose--so make sure it fits with your model of what is green.

10. Communicate
Whatever you do to green your wedding, be sure to tell folks about it. Screening An Inconvenient Truth throughout the ceremony is probably over the top, however you can still take advantage of getting your family and friends assembled in one place to do a small friendly schooling. Tell them about yourselves and about what is valuable to you. If you can create a lovely, magical party that treads a little lighter on the planet, then folks will recall. Too many folks still believe environmentalism is all doom and gloom--this is the best opportunity to prove them wrong!