How To Design And Decorate A Kids Room That Grows With Them

  • Posted by Taylor Watson
  • December 10, 2017 9:55:04 PM PST
Designing a kids' bedroom and then decorating it efficiently is both a time consuming and costly affair.

Designing a kids' bedroom and then decorating it efficiently is both a time consuming and costly affair. When there are many inspirations around that allow you to create incredible rooms which vary from the nursery into the teen bedroom, the thought of redecorating and decorate the room once every 2-4 years is not very attractive to many of us. And to be very honest, many of us also lack the resources to create those picture-perfect rooms which look so pretty in the catalogue! The solution here is to craft a kids' bedroom which grows along together and stays relevant till the first day of school arrives!

Creating a truly timeless children' room that evolves together is not too hard, and you don't need to worry about simply sticking them having an adult room and asking them to suck it up. (Which is exactly what many people got as children! . You're still able to give an amazing bedroom that they will cherish throughout their formative years and enjoy as annoying teens who seem to reply from single-syllable and incomprehensible abbreviations! Here is your guide to this classic kids' bedroom --

1. Selecting a Classy Color Palette

Whenever you've got a small one around the house, time frequently flies by, and the one thing constant is constant change! How many times do you remember choosing a gift for your son or daughter, simply to find out that his most recent interest changed over the weekend as a result of a completely different commercial? To make a room that grows together with the child, give it space for evolving with time. Start off by using a classy and elegant color scheme that mainly contains neutral colors. Stick to two or three colors or overwhelm the space with brightly colored paint.

While most parents might feel that this makes the room boring, what it really does is provide you with a blank canvas on which you can paint any image of your choice. A elegant color scheme does not signify a lack of color. Blue and red for a boys' bedroom or pink and white for a girls' bedroom may seem both enjoyable and cool at the same time.

2. A Trendy Compromise on Decor

Do not fill the room with kid-sized decoration if you are seeking to make a flexible bedroom which will grow along with the little one. Home Of The Blues Sure, a race car bed or a princess-themed fairy tale-style mattress looks fantastic this year. But soon the novelty wears off as well as your child will find it boring. Invest in a decent quality mattress that can be transformed into a larger piece with time. These days, you can even get convertible cribs that may be transformed into teen beds if necessary! One of the greatest pieces of advice we ever heard was "Only the wealthy can afford to buy cheap". And it's spot on!

Quality decoration which could multitask is a must for timeless kids' rooms. You can even get some amazing iconic decor items which will look great in the kids' area and will also serve the rest of the home in a trendy fashion. The Capri Bottle Lamp from Jonathan Adler, the Bubble Chair or even the Pumpkin Chair by Pierre Paulin are Just a Couple of the many choices on offer. Bring in decor that is a compromise between what you like and what your little one wants.

3. Fun Switchable Accents

Modern science proves the fact that kids become bored a lot more easily than adults, as their brains are intended to learn at a quicker pace and to take in as much as you can. Even if you spend a ton of time and money into creating a stunning bedroom, shortly they will discover that it's mundane. Instead, choose the neutral backdrop as indicated above and play around with accent colors.

4. Toys, Accessories and Textiles

Whenever designing a room or renovating your house, we always believe it is best to have a layered approach. Instead of studying the area as a whole, it's ideal to divide this up into various layers and then handle each one individually. In the instance of the kids' bedroom, the toys, accessories and other fancy additions compose the final portion of the jigsaw puzzle. They also give you the easiest way to refresh the bedroom occasionally without costing too much. As an example, you can simply put in some superhero-inspired bedding to a rather sophisticated space to give it a whimsical appearance.

You may swap these out without any attempt over the years and give the room a fresh new appearance. A similar strategy to toys, wallpaper and posters also can help transform the ambiance of the space immediately without much fuss.

5. Geometric Patterns and Animal Prints

There has been a significant spurt in using geometric patterns, elegant stripes and animal prints in the kids' bedroom throughout the past couple of years. The trend makes perfect sense, because these chic patterns provide the room a lively look while ensuring that they function as vibrant teen and mature rooms down the road. Stripes, chevron patterns and background with intricate prints are as much a part of the adult world since they are of their children's universe. It's this flexibility which makes them excellent for a classic children' room.

In the case of women, floral prints are a favorite option. But be certain that you decide on a design and pattern that is not so childish, and as time passes, add simple changes in another accessories around it to be sure the bedroom adjusts to adult needs. You can still incorporate a wall sticker or two that your child really loves in the corner and do away with it over time without a great deal of work.

6. Rethink the Storage Options

If there is 1 room in the house that needs some additional storage, then it's the kids' bedroom. But instead of just purchasing those toy boxes, why don't you use some trendy wicker baskets, or even a wall-mounted bookshelf for storage and display? We're pretty sure your child will not have strong preferences about storage containers as long as he has his toys, and woven baskets will serve him well past the age of 8 or 9. An upholstered bedroom bench with storage or maybe a trundle bed may also get the work done for a long time to come.

Sure, you still need to change the fabrics, swap out the cushion covers and maybe alter the wall sticker once every couple of years. But that is a whole lot less work than redoing the whole room.