Whiteboard animation is a style of explainer video

  • Posted by james rivard
  • December 10, 2017 11:16:57 PM PST

Whiteboard animation is a style of explainer video, just like cartoon animation, motion graphics, and other kinds of explainer or corporate videos. But, with so many different video styles to choose from, are you sure that a whiteboard animation video is a good idea for your startup?

Of course it is! Whiteboard videos are an awesome marketing tool, excellent for explaining any product or service in a quick and engaging way. Besides, they're also a very flexible animated explainer video style, because they work great for any target audience!


In some cases, making an animated business whiteboard video or a cartoon style video isn’t very different from what you could get with other styles, because they can help you attain the same marketing objectives. But sometimes the use of the whiteboard animation technique is not just an option, but a must to get the results you’re looking for!
People have been using whiteboards for centuries to give lectures and presentations, so it’s no coincidence that animated explainer videos adopt this technique and apply it in the marketing field. It has worked for years – why wouldn’t it work now?


If school has taught us anything, it's that when you see a whiteboard with someone drawing on it, you know that you're going to learn something valuable. This simple but powerful insight makes whiteboard video animations excellent teachers in conveying the most complex concepts and ideas.