Corporate Video: Animation

  • Posted by james rivard
  • December 11, 2017 6:10:06 AM PST

Videos have become a necessity in marketing plans industry-wide but, deciding which type of video is best to convey your branded message is the tricky part. From the start, it’s important to consider who your audience is, what message you want to get across to them, where your video will be published, and most importantly, the overall goal of your video. Whether you’re hiring a production company or creating the video in-house, one of the first things you should decide on is animation vs. live action best animated Corporate Video. This post will provide insight on the comparison between animation and live action, and when it’s best to use which type of video depending on your content and overall goal. Considering these options first will help your creative mind flow and set the tone for your entire video marketing strategy.Animated videos are most commonly used for any type of explainer video and are meant to educate and advise your viewers. An animated video is perfect for companies who have complex products and services, or an impenetrable subject that can be difficult to explain. For example, if you are informing your audience about a web or technology service, an app, or something that involves “the cloud“ then animation might be best to use. Why? Because, what your company is explaining may not be tangible and, animation has the ability to create these concepts into a visually appealing illustration that viewers can comprehend.

A couple other perks when it comes to animation: it usually saves a considerable amount of your marketing budget compared to live action, and if your product or service is continuing to evolve, it can be easier to update or make changes to an animated video rather than getting back on set for a live action video shoot.