Motion graphics Is the future of Content Marketing

  • Posted by james rivard
  • December 11, 2017 6:28:01 AM PST

When did you last looked at an advertisement in the newspaper or magazine and gave it as much importance as the other content you were reading? Far too long ago, right? An entire page was devoted to the advertisement by a famous e-retailer but did you care to read through the deals? In all probability, the answer to this would be negative as well. So this is what most people do. Businesses have realized that traditional sources of marketing are far less effective now than in the past. Everyone is satisfied with browsing the internet and getting information there. They are happier going to any source that makes the assimilation of information easier and faster. So it is now not just important to put your presence online, but also to market your content strategically which is essentially what Content Marketing is all about. Content is not just limited to your products, services, and their features, but it also about other information that is in alignment with your products that help a potential customer to analyze, research and then make the buying decision. Having this information on your website is a wiser option rather than letting a potential customer go looking for it elsewhere and assuming they will be back to buy the product on your website! The longer the buyer stays on your website; the tendency to eventually buy the product is much higher.

If we look at how content on the internet has evolved, one can summarize as follows. From descriptions or text articles to text or blogs assisted with animated Business Motion Graphics , to use of animation and graphics, content management has now found a use in combining motion and animation into graphics. In other words, motion graphics is the combination of infographics, audio, video, animation and typography.