Top 5 Horse Races You Should Not Bet On

  • Posted by Steve Willis
  • December 14, 2017 12:26:34 AM PST
A smart man once said that bookmakers have to bet on every race but punters do not. To be able to

A smart man once said that bookmakers have to bet on every race but punters do not. To be able to provide their support, bookmakers must chalk up chances about each horse in every race. Punters do not need to operate under the same arduous problems. They could pick and choose their races, which is the main edge that they like over their bookmaker competitions, one which the majority of punters still don't comprehend.

Everybody has their ideas concerning what represents the best races on which to wager but here are five simple rules to that lots of effective horse racing punters stick out.

1. No handicap races

Handicap horsing races will be the backbone of any significant horse racing country's program.

Bookmakers are big fans of handicap races because not only can they create greater turnover than non-handicap races but also they are more challenging to predict. Punters ought to steer clear of the horse races that bookmakers prefer.

2. No Tiny fields

Little fields will be the bane of punters. The average man in the street may feel that a race with, say, five runners is a much better race on which to bet than one comprising double that amount but experience indicates that he would be incorrect.

Races with small fields frequently become slowly run, strategic affairs in which the best horse doesn't win. One has lost count of the number of times red-hot favourites have been beaten in tiny fields since the early pace was false and the race become a two-furlong sprint instead of a true test over the full space, whatever that was. Agen Bola Terpercaya

3. No long distances

Very similar to small areas, long distances have a tendency to produce races that are run at a muddling pace, upsetting all the work that you has ran in analysing the contest in anticipation of a true test of stamina. It's frustrating to assess a two-mile race simply to observe the whole field canter the first four furlongs, thus effectively reducing the competition space to a mile and a half, particularly so if a person has endorsed a horse that wants every yard of the trip.

Many professional horse racing punters adhere to sprint horse races because they understand that 99.99 per cent of contests over less than a mile will be run at a real pace so they do not have to worry about second guessing in-race tactics.

4. No extreme conditions

Very strange things occur when horses race in intense conditions. To begin with, horses identified as floor specialists start at considerably lower odds than anything else in their kind affirms. And second, inexplicable results happen with substantially greater regularity than they do at other times.

Some severe horse racing punters don't bet at all when the official ground is on the soft side of good or really business because extreme conditions have burned them too often previously.

5. No low-quality contests

Not every race can be of the quality of a Dubai World Cup, Kentucky Derby or Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe but there are adequate high-quality races for punters not to bother themselves with races involving the foot of this hierarchy.

While such an approach won't match a horse racing punter who likes to bet on horse races daily, there's a lot to be said for restricting one's gambling to what are known in the game as Black Type races since they appear in black type in pedigrees. Fundamentally, they're the best of their best. Daftar Maxbet

1 key element in favour of betting on Black Type races into the exclusion of all others is that you may presume that each and every horse in a high-quality competition is trying to win because of the prizes available. Unfortunately, as tough as racing authorities are working to stamp out what could be termed schooling in people, the same cannot be said of low-quality contests in which the rewards are small.