Things to Avoid While Hiring Moving Companies

  • Posted by James Luke
  • December 18, 2017 11:14:04 PM PST
Moving is not difficult if you find the right partner. Make your moving enjoyable with reliable moving companies in Minneapolis MN.

You might be taking a lot of tension while moving to your new place. However, we can help you to lessen your stress. Here are few things that you need to know before hiring moving companies. If you are hiring for the first time, read the article below and avoid the mistakes.

Not All the Moving Companies are Equal

You might have heard about many Moving Companies in Minneapolis MN but not all the companies are same. You might come across with top-notch or a nightmare. To avoid the nightmare, it is better to investigate the companies completely. Read the reviews on their web pages and sort out the top three. Ask for the references. For the better assessment, meet the company representative in person.

Never Rely On Online Quote

Online estimates are one of the easiest ways to know about the cost of anything. However, do not trust that cost. It is better for both of you that the moving company visit the place in advance. Show them everything that you want to move. Tell them the distance and then get the estimate in writing.

This will keep you away from the hassles and will help you to find a reliable moving partner.

Watch Out the Warning Signs

There must be some alarm bells when the company lies to its customers. For example:

  • A company can offer you the lowest rate than the market.
  • They ask you for the whole money in advance.
  • They do not use their company names.
  • When they bring a rental truck, the company name is not there.
  • They do not provide you their license number and address.
  • They claim that their insurance can cover in case of any damage.

If they are good in all, run away from them ASAP. They are the biggest trap you will ever experience.

Low Prices are attractive

We agree that low prices are attractive but not all the time. You must wonder why someone is offering you such low rate. To keep yourself on the safe side it is better to compare the rates of everything with other moving companies. Even if you are taking packing boxes from them make sure that they are reliable and protective and of competitive price.


For your ease, it is better to start planning now. Pre-planning will also help you in finding a reliable moving company in Minneapolis MN. Your company representative will guide you better from where and how to start packing your stuff in advance. Packing at the last moment will create a mess. Moreover, it will be tiring and hectic.


Keep the above things in mind to choose the best and trustworthy moving companies in Minneapolis MN. Stay Safe and enjoy your new place.