How Mobile Apps Help for Old Ages?

  • Posted by Shubham Ahuja
  • December 19, 2017 11:39:20 PM PST
The technological advancement the world and especially India has seen in the last few years, defies explanation.

The technological advancement the world and especially India has seen in the last few years, defies explanation. For the population born after 1991, mobile and apps are a way of life, they have grown-up using without giving it much thought. But, for the generation before that, they adopted and adapted to this modern lifestyle. However, it is especially difficult for the generations of the 40s and the 50s to use the app as readily as the rest of the world. For example, the first thing would be to explain an app, and then, if you are talking about a payment app, the next step would be to convince them these apps are easy to use and secure.


Online payment is one of the major aspects of apps, which once understood, can help an elderly person do so much more. They can use the facility to hire ride share cabs, which will come to their doorstep and take them wherever they need to go. Additionally, they no longer need to carry cash in their wallets to pay the cab driver, as the payment can be made digitally via the app. There are many apps available for shopping and ordering things online for daily use such as groceries, medicines, vegetables, bed sheets, utensils, etc. They need not go to the markets for shopping, especially if they are feeble and cannot manage the trips.

Another major headache for the elderly, especially those living alone is paying the utility bills which entails standing in long lines, for a limited window of open hours. If the payment is not made, then they may lose their electricity or water connections, and mobile apps allow them to pay bills online with ease. In fact, they can use the app to pay for a mobile or DTH recharge, without stepping out of their homes. When the bill is raised or due, all they must do is fill in the amount, choose the department to which the payment is due, and click to make the payment. It takes just a few minutes of their time.

Entertainment and information are the other two very important aspects of apps that have made life easier for elderly. These days there are plenty of apps for different uses - music, movies, gaming, news, history, nature, geography, etc. All a person must do is download the app and use it to follow their pursuits. There are free apps as well as apps available on a paid basis. If they love gaming, it is better to use a comprehensive app like My Airtel Games which offers more than 2000 games across genres, doing away with the need to download multiple apps to enjoy different games. Once again, subscription to these apps can be initiated with an online payment.

In conclusion, it is easy to see how a payment app is just the beginning for an elderly person no longer has to stand in long queues to make their payments - be it recharging their mobile phone, paying the electricity bill or recharging their DTH service. Everything is done with the comfort of their homes and all they need to do is get used to the app and follow some simple steps to complete the process.