How to Become Certified PMP Manager Within 10 Steps

  • Posted by Priya Jatoliya
  • December 22, 2017 12:52:25 AM PST

PMP certification has now turned into a go-to option for people with some experience in project management. It adds credibility to your resume and can significantly boost your career. If you have been working as a project manager for a while and now planning to get certified, the 10 steps mentioned below are sure to help.

Avoid unrealistic expectations


Before you consider appearing for PMP, it is very important to first know why you want to get certified. While the certificate definitely brings a host of benefits, there is no shortage of misconceptions among a lot of candidates. Understand the real benefits and know that getting certified would surely require a lot of dedication and time.


Go through the credential handbook


The best way to know about PMP training is through the credential handbook from PMI. Overview of the certification, completing online application, audit process, payments, credential policies, and much more is covered in detail in this handbook. You can find a copy of this handbook on PMI’s official website.


Be a PMI member


You can visit the official PMI website and become a member. This will not just provide easy access to all the important information but will make financial sense as well. You’ll get free access to the PMBOK Guide and even discount on PMP exam. As a matter of fact, the examination discount is higher than the membership fee.


Fill out the online registration


Once you have decided that you want to take the project management certification exam and have gone through the handbook, it is better to register for the exam as soon as possible. With the preparation becoming officially real after registration, you’ll get into the action mode pretty quickly. Start filling the online registration form and you’ll also get to know the documents that you need to submit for successful registration.


Find motivation


If lack of motivation to start preparing is your problem, you can try to get in touch with other professionals who have PMP certification. You can talk to them about how the certification has benefited their career. If you don’t know anyone who has appeared for this exam, there are now several online forums and communities where you can find help.


Preparation for the exam


You can now easily find a lot of audio workshops and preparation books for the exam. You can try websites like Amazon, eBay or even local bookstores. While most of things that you should know for the exam are included in the PMBOK Guide, these audio workshops and 3rd party books will make it easier for you to understand the concepts, techniques and tools mentioned in the official guide.


Look for sample tests


An important part of your PMP training is taking as many sample tests as possible. Just like the preparation materials, you can find several books, CDs and online portals with sample PMP tests. There are paid as well as free sample tests available. Going through the sample tests would help you get better at answering questions during the actual exam.


Join a PMP workshop


Colleges, universities and PMI chapters throughout the world offer in-person workshops too. Combined with your own preparations, these workshops can significantly increase your chances of getting certified. The workshops are generally of 3-6 days and does a great job of helping you understand the PMBOK Guide just like the books and audio workshops.


Have a plan in place


Dedication is must if you want to get certified. Look at this endeavour like a project and have a proper plan in place. Right from the number of hours you’ll dedicate on a daily basis, number of chapters you’ll go through, to the sample tests you’ll take, make a good plan before you start your preparation and stick to it.


Taking the exam


As compared to the preparation, finally appearing for the project management certification exam sounds easy. However, there are a few things that you should remember. Don’t be nervous about the exam around the corner and ensure that you get good sleep throughout the last week and especially the night before the exam.


Visit the testing center once before the exam to know its exact location. Reach the center at least an hour before the exam. Also, do not skip the short tutorial that is played before the exam. It has important information about using the exam software.


Last but not the least- After all the hard work and taking the project management certification exam, when you finally receive the PASS notification, do not forget to celebrate. You have worked very hard for it, and you surely deserve it.