Dr. Deepek Raheja Explains How You Can Motivate Yourself For A Brilliant New Year 2018

  • Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja
  • December 27, 2017 10:27:55 PM PST
There are many mental wellness and addiction treatment centre that provides professional help to people who find it difficult to help themselves.

The New Year is about to arrive and many of us have already planned on our new year’s resolutions. Some must have made a resolution to stay fit, eat better, become more financially secure, quit alcohol or visit new places. Setting a goal is not an issue, but sticking to it is where the challenge lies. It is very natural to get off the track and return back to the old habits, as that is the easiest thing to do.

As a psychiatrist, one of the most common and frequent questions that I am asked is, “How to stay motivated?” This is a very subjective question. I understand that every individual is different and everyone has their own reason to stay motivated. But, with the below mentioned ways, you can help yourself stay motivated while keeping your resolutions.


At the very beginning, you need to make your plan. It is now that you have to think what you want to do in the year 2018. What are the things that you want to change? What are the places you want to visit, what are the things you are going to have? What are the habits you want to get rid of and what are the new practices that you are going to partake? This could vary from individual to individual. Without a proper planning, you may not know what you want for yourself in the coming year.


Secondly, you need to set goals for yourself. Once you have decided on what to do, you need to give yourself a timeline. Working according to your timeline will keep you focused and your goals will seem to be more specific, realistic and achievable.


Thirdly, start preparing yourself to meet your timeline. Nothing worth celebrating comes easy! Therefore, you must prepare yourself beforehand. You have a plan, you have a set timeline and you have a goal to achieve. What next?

Now, it’s time you keep yourself motivated. So, what do you do, when your resolution seems to get a little difficult for you to keep? Under such situation, you need to remind yourself, why you kept the resolution in the first case. Like for example, many people make a resolution to quit their habit of alcohol consumption, as they realize that the habit has done a lot of harm to their body and mind. The individual, here, needs to recall all the harms that alcohol has done to them and this will help the person in staying motivated in working towards getting rid of the addiction.


One can also seek professional help, if they believe that working on their own may turn in vein. There are many mental wellness and addiction treatment centre that provides professional help to people who find it difficult to help themselves. I being a psychiatric in one of the best psychiatrist hospital in Delhi, Hope Care India, understand that sometimes professional help becomes very crucial.

However, if you have a strong will and are focused on rectifying your life for a better tomorrow, you need to make your New Year resolution now and start working on it. This New Year, may you bloom into a new and better you.