1970 Nba Playoffs A Milestone In Pro Basketball

  • Posted by sanford jonah
  • May 17, 2016 9:24:08 PM PDT

The 1970 NBA Playoffs were the first playoffs in a new era of NBA basketball. The playoffs had been dominated by the likes of the Boston Celtics for years. The Celtics seemed to find a way to get their way into the playoffs and then used Bill Russell and his supporting cast to take the NBA Championship trophy home to Boston.

The Celtics were unable to do that in 1970 as Russell retired. The Celtics were the defending NBA Champions, but with the retirement of Russell they were unable to even make the playoffs in 1970. Information

That means that other teams would have a chance to step up. The Lakers had to be among the most excited teams in the NBA. The Lakers had been beaten 7 times in a row in their NBA Finals appearances. Every one of those losses came at the hands of the Boston Celtics. With Russell out of the picture it looked like the Lakers would have a solid shot at winning the championship in 1970.

The Western Divisions teams to make the playoffs were Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The teams from the Eastern Conference that made the playoffs were New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

The Western Division featured matchups between Atlanta and Chicago and Phoenix and Los Angeles. Atlanta was just too much for Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. Chicago only managed to take one victory in the series and lost the series 4-1.

The Lakers and Phoenix had an amazing matchup in the first round. The Lakers were stretched to the limit by Phoenix as the series needed 7 games to determine the winner. Info When all was said and done the Lakers were able to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

The Eastern division featured a matchup between New York and Baltimore and another matchup between Philadelphia and Milwaukee. The Knicks were the top seed in the Eastern Division, but Baltimore really gave the Knicks a hard time. This series went to 7 games before the Knicks came out on top. Milwaukee easily took out Philadelphia as the series only needed 5 games to decide which team should advance.

The New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks provided a series with a lot of stars, but the Knicks were not tried by Milwaukee the way they were by Baltimore. The Knicks managed to take the series in just 5 games. By winning the series the Knicks managed to advance to the NBA Finals.

The Lakers were just too good for Atlanta in the second round of the playoffs. Atlanta was a solid team, but they were unable to win a single game in the series. They were swept in 4 games. Info The Lakers qualified for yet another NBA Finals. This time they would not have to face Bill Russell and the Celtics, however.

While the Celtics weren't around, the Lakers were still unable to win. The series went to 7 games, just as the first round for each of these two teams, but the Knicks were too good for the Lakers. The Knicks became the 1970 NBA Champs.