How Basketball Workouts Improve Your Game

  • Posted by sanford jonah
  • May 17, 2016 9:44:59 PM PDT

Basketball is a very hard game. It requires a lot of effort from the players. If you want to be good at it, then you will need to work and train very hard. There are basketball workouts present that can help you get better at this wonderful game. Your training should not only be confined to the basketball court. You should do some serious weightlifting for at least 45 minutes during the off season. You should also dedicate 60 minutes to the court practice. Before, starting with your workout, you should warm up yourself. As for weightlifting, you should do work on your whole body. You only need to workout for eight hours in a week.

Talking about basketball workouts, some people think that bench presses are all you need to train for basketball. Information This is obviously a very wrong perception. Excelling in any sports requires hard work. Jumping is essential in every basketball game. Therefore, focus should be on jumping as well, which is not usually the case. The good part is that, you can attain four to five inches of height if you are up for training and practice. Here are a few basketball workouts that you must consider.


For a basketball player, two elements of running are important. First is speed and second is the ability to run for a long time. Therefore, if you desire to be good at it, then you should engage in aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

In order to gain velocity, you should engage in sprinting exercises. You should monitor your progress. Here For stamina building, engage in morning jogs. They are amazing for health because you get exposed to fresh morning air. To mix both anaerobic and aerobic exercises, go to the local track and sprint for entire round, and then bike for two laps. Go through this process twice or thrice. You should train yourself in running backwards.

Yoga: Phil Jackson definitely does not require an introduction. He went for yoga to train his Chicago side and introduced Yoga as one of the basketball workouts. Many basketball players have back problems. Back pain can be caused by various things. Basketball players pull a lot on their lower back. Jumping leads to a lot of stress on their back muscles. Yoga exercises that relate to stretching make your back flexible. Yoga puts you in a peaceful state of mind as well.

Weightlifting: Basketball is a very tuff game and requires your body to be 100% fit. Weightlifting builds strength and basketball requires stamina. You should go for weightlifting during the off season. It is not a particular basketball workout but it is the backbone of basketball training. Here If you have done weightlifting before, you should not start with heavy weights. Take it easy while you gain experience and become powerful. Exhale while you lift and inhale while you put down the weights. If you become strong, then you will be able to gain speed and maintain it as well.