New Design Basketball Shoes Help to Reduce Ankle Injuries in NBA

  • Posted by sanford jonah
  • May 17, 2016 9:52:37 PM PDT

Ankle sprains and breaks are the most common injury in the NBA, and they are largely treated as just part of the game. In order to make better performance on the court, players are paying more attention in choosing their sneakers, a pair of basketball shoes that could provide more safety, or say a pair of shoes that could prevent them from injuries as large as possible. And now, one new shoe company claims that their new design for basketball shoes may change the situation all players experience by cutting down on ankle injuries.

This new design shoe is from Ektio Company. The shoe is crafted in very lightweight, 15 to 16 ounces. It also features a system of straps and dorsal protrusions called side rollers. Information Among the common basketball shoes, even the considered best ever Kobe Shoes and LeBron Shoes, they might be designed with extra tape; while tape is attached to foot, the shoe can still roll over when players land on someone's foot. And if the shoe rolls over, people tear their ligaments and sprain the ankle. The advantage of the new design shoes from Ektio locates in its design to keep the foot and the shoe together so as to stop such injuries occurs.

It is fact that no one would like to pay to watch Kobe ride the pine, or to assess Kevin Durant's towel-waving skills. Information If this new shoe surely contains the feature that its designer claims, then it is undeniably good news for the NBA players.

However, it seems not easy for this shoe become very popular basketball shoe in the market in very short time. Everything is a fad. And Nike and Adidas have the fad in the sneakers. Both players and fans are keen on wearing Nike basketball shoes or Adidas sneakers. Therefore, people might ignore the importance of protections that the shoe should provide, what they want is the look.

Anyway in the point of my views, the basketball shoes are not getting safer, and Ektio is insufficient to make any claims about the details of how the shoe reduce the injuries, there are still more things should be reported to the public before the shoe become popular. Here