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  • Help identifying a J.Howard Oil Painting

    Hello, I've an oil painting by the British artist J.Howard but can't find much reference to this artist nor can I find a picture of the painting online. Does anyone have any knowledge or where I can go to find out?
    Thank You
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  • What art painting would you use to decorate your home?

    Hello, Since my brother have learnt to draw oil paintings, his works is getting more and more, so I decided to pick out some beautiful ones to decorate the walls. Which kind of art would you use to decorate?
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  • Game capsa online Are Wonderful From Many Perspectives

    A video game which has policies may be an internet poker match, just where each individual game includes a selected group of regulations which transform between all on line casino online or on line site's placing.
  • Have You Seriously Considered The Option Of Kolam Designs?

    The majority of us know kolam is linked using your heritage as well as pageant in the early days.
  • Jolie Guillebeau

    Jolie is not only good at painting, but good at storytelling. She calls her blog posts stories. Every piece of art has a story, and Jolie’s blog posts tell the story of her art in progress. Jolie has made a name for her self by delivering paintin...
  • Janice Tanton

    Janice is an award winning artist and entrepreneur who has won acclaim around the world for her work. You can read about her long list of awards on her Wikipedia page. Janice’s blog (and active Twitter account) focuses on her work in progress, th...
  • Hugh Mcleod

    Hugh’s original cartoons sit in the offices of some of the largest companies in the world, and he is looked to as a change agent and definer of culture. Hugh’s blog is a mix of his own work, the podcasts hosted by himself and his business p...
  • Aaron Hockley

    In addition to being a very talented event and fine art photographer, Aaron is a web developer. He’s one of the guys I go to when I have technical questions. He also has a handle on social media, and his blog focuses on social media for photograp...
  • How to Draw with Crayons Like a Boss

    A few years ago, I wrote a book about realistic crayon drawings. What a joy it was to create, for I had brought my childhood dream into my adult professional life. I wanted to share it with others, for few knew that crayons are actually a wonderful fin...
  • The Beginning

    In the beginning stages, painters often find themselves excited to start but intimidated by the blank surface. The apprehension to make the first mark can prove overwhelming. Where should it be? What value and color should it be? What if it is wrong? T...