Family & Home Articles

  • Life as 5

    An open, honest look at being a mom, and wife. I love blogging about my crazy days, things I observe, and anything else that strikes my fancy. And it's all wrapped up in a pretty bow, tied by slightly crazy me!
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  • But I Do Have a Law Degree

    A former lawyer details the ups and downs of her transition from corporate attorney to stay at home mom - and doesn't hold much back!
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  • a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

    I am the mama of three energetic little men that fill me with joy and drive me crazy. I have an amazing husband and we are on the road to kid #4. We are a house full of love, adventure and lots of messy diapers.
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  • Apple Cheeks McGillicutty

    This blog is about our little "Apple Cheeks," a one-year-old with Down syndrome. We write about her joys and challenges, adventures and misadventures, and our growth as a family along the way.
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  • My Kids Say I'm Silly

    I'm a silly mommy to 4 even sillier kids & wife to one studly hubs. This blog is my journal of our lives together, random thoughts, beliefs, ups, downs, photos and most of all silliness, because my kids say I'm silly...and I hope they never stop sa...
  • An Irish-Italian Blessing

    Stay at Home Mom to an almost 2 year old, Pregnant with baby #2, Self Proclaimed Trophy Wife, Bulldog Lover, full time student, Blogging about life as an Italian wife married to my Irish Man and the beautiful blessings in our life!
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  • Living with Moxie

    I'm a mom of four big kids. This new season of parenting has given me extra sleep, time to think, read, and pray for longer than five minutes. This blog gives me the opportunity to write about our fun family and our quirky lives.
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  • Noah's Dad

    We do a daily (as in everyday!) one minute video of our son Noah who was born with Down Syndrome. We show parents (and the world) what life is like raising a child with special needs. (Spoiler Alert - it's a lot more "normal" then "un-normal."
  • Ed Roy and Mary Johnson-Roy

    When Mary Johnson’s teenage son was killed, she never thought she’d end up living next door to his murderer. We heard about that journey in an interview from 2011 between Mary and Oshea Israel, the man who murdered her son.
    Mary went on to...
  • Love is just around the corner

    Dr. Diana Kirschner’s “Love in 90 Days” blog offers a road map through the pitfalls of relationships in the digital age. The psychologist and bestselling author speaks her mind on a variety of topics geared toward the female experienc...