Blade & Soul iPhone Edition, New Race Revealed


    Update: April Fools! No, this was not real.

    So far, the development of Blade and Soul has been very exciting to follow, but nothing has been as incredible as this! Blade and Soul will include a version for the iPhone. That's right. The iPhone
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    Significant progress for the development of the iPhone app has already been done and thus far Team Bloodlust is quite happy with the quality of the game. This version will be able to connect via Wi-Fi allowing users to connect and play Blade and Soul from almost any location with a Wi-Fi signal available. This will allow players to enjoy Blade and Soul from any environment! The quality is actually quite astounding.

    n fact, the developers have been so pleased with the progress of Blade and Soul as an iphone application that NCSoft and Team Bloodlust have decided to cease the production of the PC version and release the game purely as an iPhone application. NCSoft was quoted saying that this was an incredibly tough decision, but the decision will be a unique pioneering adventure for the gaming industry. Leave it to Korea to become the new leader in online gaming innovation! 

    We at the Dojo would just like to say that this news is incredibly exciting and we fully support the developers decision in this matter. So, as we lay to rest the PC version of Blade and Soul, we look forward to a brighter future on the iPhone. This game is truly one of the most innovative titles to date and we are very anxious to see what Team Bloodlust comes up with next.

    Speaking of, that brings us to our next huge piece of news! A new race! This new addition to the Blade and Soul race line up will surely prompt even more excitement over the release of this game. I myself am now torn in my race decision after this new announcement. So without further delay, I present to you.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

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