Special database helps you to remember right paint colors

  • Well over one half of all Dutch individuals routinely paint their houses, boat or barn. schilder Occasionally even though, it really is tough to remember which color has been previously employed. The organization Vijf Sterren Schilders (five star painters) has taken it upon them to resolve this difficulty. Therefore, they have produced a database with colour codes.

    The database was created for anybody who's having trouble to keep in mind his color codes, or where to save them. It is obviously feasible to create the codes down on a piece of paper, or shop it in a pc or phone, but at some point, they frequently get lost. "The colour codes can very easily be stored within the database and requested 24/7. Our database offers immediate access for your own colour codes which solves the problem" says Oleg Ovcarenko founder in the colour database.

    The database is very simple to use. The user registers through the website, following which colors could be added by sending an e-mail for the web site, mentioning colour code and extra information just like the brand, the object painted, postal code and name. The subsequent time you are organizing to repaint your house and also you demand the colour codes, just enter your postal code in the database. Your codes will probably be loaded.

    It is the aim of Vijf Sterren Schilders to help shoppers by often presenting the right paint colors. They describe the database as an online notepad, which can be often obtainable. "Nothing is a lot more frustrating than getting to move heaven and earth to locate the correct color codes, just prior to beginning a brand new paint job", in accordance with Mr. Ovcarenko.

    You'll be able to access the colour database via the site: www.vijfsterrenschilders.nl which is free to utilize.