Getting To Know 6x9 Speakers

  • There are a few things you must consider before deciding what 6x9 speakers you desire. Firstly, where do you want the speakers mounting, in the front or rear of the automobile, in a built-in console? Would you like to display them or hide them? What kind of sound do you wish to accomplish with them (there are more than you think)? Are the speakers to replace other factory speakers or are they to complement other components? And do you desire them amplifying? There can be lots of consideration required before purchasing the right loudspeakers for you, as you can see from a couple of sample questions.

    Hopefully, I can provide advice that will help you make a determination.

    First of all and one of the most crucial questions is, where are you going to mount them? 6x9 speakers are an odd size that very few vehicles cater for. This implies you'll have done a bit more work to set up them. Either cutting into a package shelf (that I wouldn't advocate unless you like the dirty look) or boxing them and constructing a surround. This is done in the boot but can be concealed in consoles or can be added under the seat. You can get full reviews on 6x9 speakers at

    What Audio do you would like from them?

    6x9 speakers are proficient at creating mid-range sounds; this is the reason why many people use them in conjunction with tweeters and subwoofers. Most 6x9 car speakers are capable of generating a decent amount of bass and can achieve relatively high frequencies as well, so there regularly used to bridge a gap between Tweeters and Subs to quit the mid frequencies being drowned out.

    Are the Speakers replacing any other car speakers?

    Well, the odds are that your car won't have 6x9 speakers, but this does not mean that you can't install them. Frequently, an amplifier is needed to power them. You can wire straight out the outlets on the stereo from the loudspeaker. If you cable from the radio, it is likely that the 6x9 speakers are going to be underpowered, and also the operation of the speakers will probably be undermined.

    How much do I need to spend on them?

    Prices on 6x9 speakers vary determined by the quality. Prices can go right up to £250 or more for a good pair and start an around £30. That will be satisfactory in the majority of great audio installs, even though you can pick up a decent set for £60.